A Delicious Thai Meal To Suit Your Budget And Your Taste Buds.
What To Do In Thailand.

A Delicious Thai Meal To Suit Your Budget And Your Taste Buds.

I need a delicious cheap tasty Thai meal!!.

I bet that’s what your thinking now that you have left the madness of Bangkok, the exhaust fumes and traffic jams, and arrived in the gentle town of Hua Hin.

After finding suitable accommodation and unpacking your about ready for a nice meal.Maybe not a full on restaurant but just something light, but tasty and filling.There are thousands of good eating places in Hua Hin and this is just one that I highly recommend.

On Phun Suk Road there is a line of many different restaurants, although they are more like little snack bars but still offering a full Thai meal.

They all have their own color scheme with four or five tables.I think it is a really cute area.

It’s a great place to sit, have a decent meal and chat to other travelers.

Many a local seller will approach trying desperately to make a few dollars but most of the time get turned down.

Now of all these little snack bars, Na Na stands out in the crowd.Na Na is a lovely, hard working lady always ready to help you in anyway possible.

She would even take you site seeing if you asked her.

As for her large range of meals, all have been delicious so far, from the humble plate of rice to a whole chili fried fish.

My mouth just dribbles thinking about it.

As there are quite a few snack bars, the competition is fierce and results in low prices.

A meal at Na Na’s would start as low as 80 baht, and even a more exotic type Thai meal will only set you back about 180 baht.

Another good thing about Na Na is she hires out little motorbikes.The going rate for a days hire is around 200 baht, sometimes she would let me have a slightly older bike for 150 baht.That’s a bonus for me I can tell you.

So next time you are in Hua Hin, make sure you pay Na Na, a visit and be sure to tell her that Aussie Jim recommended her place.

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