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Amazing Accommodation In Hua Hin Thailand.

Amazing accommodation in Hua Hin.

I call the Kings Home Guesthouse amazing because it genuinely is a fascinating place to stay. During one of my tours to Thailand, I visited Hua Hin as I usually do. I had been on the road for three weeks and really needed to restup for a couple of days. Hua Hin is a great place to just chill out for a little while.

As I got out of the trainstation, I crossed the road and started off down hill towards the Hilton area where I normally find good accommodation for around 6 to 8 hundred Baht. As I was walking, a little motorbike stopped beside me and there was a lady driving and a young girl on the back. The young girl turned out to be her daughter. The lady politely introducedherself and without being pushy or overly forceful asked me if I had anywhere to stay. I told her I had nothing booked but new plenty of good places to stay in Hua Hin. She then offered to show me her guesthouse, and if I did not like it she would ride me to where ever I wanted to go. It’s unusual for me to accept offers of this nature but I was tired and really in need of a rest so I surrendered and said ok lets go and have a look.

She offered me a room with air-con, tv, hot shower, safe, fan, free tea or coffee, free water and a cooked breakfastfor 400 Baht per night. It sounded too good to be true.

After taking her daughter home she returned and I jumped on the back of her bikeand within a 5 minute ride we were at the Kings Home. This place is just a tiny walk from everything you need, and nice and quiet. When we arrived my first impression was that it was a mini palace, with what looked like a hundred flags waving in the breeze. What a shock when I got inside…. the place is full, and I mean full, of ornaments, nic naks, pictures, stuffed animals, china, antiques, you name and it was there. It was trulyamazing.

She then showed me to my room, which sadly is not the one in the photo, which did not look anything like a travelers room.This room had a real nice warm homely feeling, the bed was huge and very comfortable, I find it hard to explain this place as it was so full on full. I took a walkthrough the kitchen which looked more like a grocer’s shop to the garden area and low and behold there was a swimming pool, it just gets better. There were a group of young guys on a weekend holiday from Bangkok staying there, and I got chatting to them. They told me they were having a little party that night and were about to go to the marketand get some sea food for later. They asked me if I wanted to join them, of course I said yes please. As I said, amazing accommodation. Later that night I got together with the guys and together we cooked prawns, squid and all sorts of other Thailand BBQ goodies. We had a great night and a great feast.

Now I think the Kings Home is amazing accommodation and a great place to stay especially if you want a real nice homely feeling. I spent most of my time there looking at all the artifacts that were collected by the lady’s husband, who was also a very keen traveler.

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