Ao Nang, one of Thailand's best spots.
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Ao Nang, one of Thailand’s best spots.

Ao Nang is a fantastic place to visit.It’s basically one main road running through the town, shops, restaurants and accommodation on one side of the road and a beautiful beach on the other.A little motorbike here is ideal at 200 Baht a day plus 100 a day insurance that I recommend.

There are plenty of good cheap accommodation options here and one I can strongly recommend is called Popeye.

The owners of these units have accommodation in Chiang Mai as well.They are very friendly and helpful.

A quiet spot yet close to everything.

Ao Nang has a beautiful long beach with plenty of activities.

All along the beach there are longtail boats that are ready to take you to any of the nearby islands like Phi Phi or Koh Lanta, or the fabulous beaches like Railay, Noppharat or Klong Muang.

There are plenty of tour operator shops that will organize snorkeling, diving, rock climbing or just to an island where you can relax on the beach.

If you stand looking out to the ocean, then follow the beach all the way to the left, at the very end you will find a colony of monkeys that just hang around on the beach waiting for food.At this spot there is a walkwaythat will take you to the next beach which cannot be accessed by road. It is quite steep, but I managed it quite easily.It’s well worth the climb.

There are plenty of good bars and food outlets, some of the smaller ones offering smallish meals like Pad Thai or an omelette for 40 Baht.There are plenty more larger restaurants offering the usual lobster and prawns.

All the usual fast food outlets are here if your not into Thai food.

Plenty of massage parlors, tailors, bike hire and tour operators.

Local buses run from here to Krabitown every ten minutes, fare is 60 Baht.

This is truly a great place to spend some time.I did not want to leave.

I met a lot of travelers here and all want to return.


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