Backpacking Tips, What To Pack For Thailand.
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Backpacking Tips, What To Pack For Thailand.

Here are a few backpacking tips for touring Thailand, well maybe I should rephrase that and call it, traveling light. I am not sure if I should class myself as a fullbackpacker as I am not always sleeping in the cheapest of places and eating the bare essentials.This is the beach at Ao Nang.

I would like to tell you exactly what I take on my trips to Thailand.I will say that if I were taking a holiday at some fancy resort for two weeks and staying on the resort every day then yes, I would be taking a large case with as many useful things as possible.You can see some really beautiful sunsets on the beach in Hua Hin.

I don’t have any backpacking tips for feeding elephants.This beautiful beast just walked into the bar, tapped me on the head and with it’s eyes said “feed me please”.

OK back to the packing.

As I like to tour all around the country there is no way I am going to drag a loaded suitcase with me. So I have a medium sized backpack about the size you see school kids with.The bigger the bag the more unwanted items you will be tempted to take. I also take a body belt, and a camera case.

Backpacking Tips, What To Pack For Thailand.

My idea is to take what you need and board the plane with just walk on luggage. You even get to pay less for your air ticket that way, well, on some airlines.

OK it’s the night before I leave so lets get packing.

Now I know that it is going to be 30 degrees plus every day in Thailand so even if it’s middle of winter at home I will only wear a jumper or jacket to the airport and once in the airport that comes off and goes back home with who ever drove me there.

So traveling to Thailand I wear a thin tee shirt and a pair of cargo pants.These are nice and light for traveling. Socks and jocks of course. A fairly sturdy pair of sneakers and not forgetting my hat.

As for the ladies, most of the female travelers I bump into are wearing the same as the guys, I guess they may want to pop in a skirt for a change, and the obvious extra underwear.

When packing my bag I make sure I have everything in front of me on the table so I can see whats what.

These monkeys are on the beach in Ao Nang, always looking for a feed. Just watch your fingers.. they can bite!

Some essential electrical items I put all together which are,

  • Phone charger.
  • Electrical adapter.
  • Camera charger.
  • It’s best to roll clothes rather than fold as it takes up less room.
  • I take one pair of jeans.
  • Two extra tee shirts.(One long sleve).
  • One pair of sandals.
  • Two jocks and socks.
  • One pair of shorts that double for a swimming costume.
  • One small towel, just as a face wipe for the humidity.
  • And most important of all… A TOILET ROLL.

Most travelers to Thailand and beyond are aware of the looseness of the bowels after a few days of different food and a wet fart in the middle of the night market can be quite embarrassing.

Packing my bag I like to put the electrical items at the front of the bag so they are not sticking in my back as I walk.

In one of the bag pockets I also have a pen and notebook.

As you can see from my backpacking tips, I do travel very light.The first thing I do once settled in Thailand is go to the 7/11 or better still, a supermarket and buy some extras like, soap, toothbrush and paste, razor etc.All these items a much cheaper in Thailand.

I would normally get my dirty clothes laundered where ever I stay, if that is not possible I can buy a tee shirt for as little as $3.Most items of clothing can be purchased very cheap.

never keep cash and cards in the same place.I keep my cash in my body belt, my cards in my wallet and my passport in my camera case.

If my backpack was stolen or lost, it would not be a big deal, but my camera case, my wallet and my body belt are with me 24/7.

For me this is the ideal way to travel, I have all I need, not much weight and my hands are free.On the sleeper trains I don’t have to worry about where my bags are, I use my backpack to boost my pillow.

When I get a taxi or a tuk tuk or a bus it’s easy, nothing to check, everything is with me.

When flying, no waiting for the luggage arrival.

It’s a free and easy trip.

I hope these backpacking tips will help you plan your next trip

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