Cha-Am is a good place to rest up and get a great seafood meal.
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Cha-Am is a good place to rest up and get a great seafood meal.

Cha-Am is a small seaside town about 180 kilometers South of Bangkok.

Although really old looking place, it does have its qualities.One of the longest beaches in Thailand, and very tasty seafood.

It can be very quiet during the week, getting very busy on weekends when Thais and tourists head down to get away from the hustle and bustle of Bangkok.


There are plenty of cheap, clean, comfortable rooms especially across the road from the main beach area.

Cheapest being a room with a fan…about 200 Baht per night.Room with air-con and cable tv… about 500 Baht per night.

There are of course all the top range hotels ranging from 1000 Baht upwards.

Eating out.

Cha-Am is well known for its fabulous seafood dishes, and I can recommend a place right on the beach called Sangvian Seafood, its a great setting for a deliciousThailand seafood meal.

There are a lot of other eating places in and around town, all offering various meals at very reasonable prices.

I always say, “go to Thailand its the cheapest way to put on weight”.

The beach at Cha-Am

The beach here is considered one of Thailand’s longest stretching about 7 kilometers covered with lovely soft white sand.

Directly across from the main town area the beach is covered with umbrellas, deck chairs and tables.I call it the shaded city.

Find yourself a good spot, sit down and within 5 minutes the local vendors will be at your side offering fresh caught, fresh cooked delicious plates of crabs, prawns and other seafood delights.

Mmmmm my mouth is watering again!!.Wash this down with a couple of Singha beers …. perfect.

There are plenty of water activities here to watch or participate, to make your day more fun, it is a good swimming beach.


Cha-Am does not have the night entertainment like Hua Hin and things can get very quiet at about 10pm.

There are still some good bars and massage parlors but you will find that most people go into Hua Hin for their night time fun.

Places of interest

There are a number of good temples in the area which are always worth a visit.

A great trip to take from here is to see the River Kwai, tours can be arranged from here, but remember to check out your favorite taxi driver first as I am sure he will do a better deal for you.

The bridge is located in an area called Kanchanaburi where there are guest houses that actually back onto the river.How strange would that feel.

There are a couple of war museums and a cemetery for you to wander through if that’s your taste.

Passing through

I find this seaside town a great place to visit for a couple of days especially if you want to rest up for a while with a little peace and quiet.


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