If you like to fish,then Thailand fishing is a must.
What To Do In Thailand.

Cheap Thailand accommodation to suit your needs.

How do you choose your cheap Thailand accommodation, do you like camping on the beach or five star hotels. Which do you prefer, I guess a lot depends on how many in your group and are there children with you or even if your on your own, either way there is sure to be something that will please you.

As for myself I never stay in high rise hotels, I think it dissolves the holiday feeling and once you close the door you could be anywhere, even in your home town.

My idea is to be a bit more adventurous and find alternative places to stay.

I like to try unusual places that can be unique or even majestic.

There are plenty of Hotels to choose from in Thailand ranging from 2 star upwards.

You get what you pay for of course, average starting price is around 1500 baht per night but you can pay a lot more for the extra comfort and quality.

There are a lot of smaller places like guesthouses.

At times the quality is not quite as good and many are in need of modernizing and some general maintenance, but don’t be put off as they can still be very comfortable and clean and of course cheaper.

Average price for these is around 1000 baht per night.

This is one place I stayed called the Lai Thai it was very comfortable and a great place to stay at around 800 baht per night.

That was a walk in price as I never really book in advance due to moving around all the time.

One thing I will assure you of is that all descriptions on this site are based on my personal experiences.

Just remember when your choosing cheap Thailand accommodation the lower the price, the lower the security standards.

I am referring to the 200 baht per night places.I have stayed at many and been quite safe and comfortable but usually only the odd night here and there.

There are many resorts to choose from in Thailand like the Dolphin Bay Resort or the unique tropical Hua Hin village.

As I always travel Thailand cheap, my favorite type of accommodation is rooms that are above shops or restaurants and bars.These are always clean and comfortable and reasonably priced at around 600 baht per night, some cheaper, some dearer.

Always check the room out first and always haggle the price. Quite often I travel Thailand free which is a great way to travel and meet lots of different people.

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