Delicious mouth watering Thailand food mmmmmm, so good! so cheap!!.
What To Do In Thailand.

Delicious mouth watering Thailand food mmmmmm, so good! so cheap!!.

High on my holiday list is the very tasty Thailand food.The aromas coming from the markets, cafes, restaurants, and particulary the bike kitchens, just makes my tummy rumble all day.

The aroma comes from all the different spices used like lemon grass, coriander, chillies, and garlic, add some lime juice, fish sauce, shrimp paste and coconut milk and there you go, I bet your mouth is watering too like mine.

If your wondering what a “bike kitchen” is, its the name I gave to the local Thais that travel around on their mopeds or cycles with a portable cooking device.They stop in various spots and will cook some fresh chicken or delicious seafood there and then for you.

Rice is the most widely used food in Thailand, which compliments any meal served here.

The food markets are a must to go and see.They always seem to have huge amounts of various items for sale ranging from insects to fruit.You can watch the coconut machine as it cleans a coconut ready to eat.

A great idea is to go on a one day cooking course and learn how to buy, prepare, cook and eat a typical Thai meal.That was a lot of fun, you can find the details here.

I have had meals at the bike kitchens and in some of the best restaurants and I must say that I have always been satisfied with the service, quality, quantity, and of course the price.

There are some great places to eat where the food is hanging off the edge of your plate where you will get change out of four dollars Australian for a main course.

A lot of people that visit Thailand tend to eat at some of the big hotels, nothing wrong with that of course, I prefer to eat at the smaller cafes, the meals are the same but the price is a lot cheaper, after all I am trying to save you money.

Thailand food is without a doubt delicious, tasty and will certainly help you to return for that next meal.

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