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Here Are a Few Thai language Holiday Translations.

It’s great to know a little Thai language, you tend to have more confidence and it makes your travel a lot more interesting.

I think it adds fun to your travels.Even though most places in the world speak some English, it is a real accomplishment when you can hold a small conversation with the locals or even order a meal.

Imagine walking into your hotel and after being greeted by this smiling face, you could confidently say, hello, do you have a room.

Believe me the smile gets bigger and it makes you feel great.

Quite often you can get by knowing a few holiday translations.Just learning a little basic Thai can go a long way.

I have put together a short list of holiday Thai language that may help you in various situations like greetings, accommodation, transport and dining etc.
This is not by any means an educational program for students, it’s just to help travelers with a few words and phrases.

It can be a lot of fun, just have confidence when talking to people.With only one or two words they will work out just what you are trying to say.

Being Polite.

Hello… Sa-wat-dee ka, if spoken by a female.

Sa-wat-dee krup, if spoken by a male.

Thankyou… Kawp-koon ka if female.

Kawp-koon krup if male.

Can you see the rule with male and female with either ka or krup at the end.

Yes… kao.

No… Mai.


Most hotel receptions speak a little English, but it’s good fun to use a little Thai language.

Hotel… rong-raem.

Do you have a room… Mee hawng mai.

How much for one night… Keun la thao-rai.

May I see the room… kaw doo hawng gawn.

I am checking out today… Phom ja chek ao wan-nee.

Key… goon-jae.

Towel… pha chet tua.



Taxi… thaek-see.

Car… rot yon.

Boat… reua.

Plane… kreuang bin.

Bus… rot may.

Train… rot fai.

Airport…sa-nam bin.

Ticket… tua.

Holiday Translation When Eating Out.

I would like… kaw.

Can I have a menu…kaw may-noo duay.

Water… nam.

May I have some water… kaw nam duay.

Spicy soup… tom yam.


Rice… kao.

Fried rice with chicken… kao-phat gai.

vegetables… phak.

Delicious… a-roi.

Check please… Chek-bin duay.

Keep the change… Mai tawng thawn.

So there you have a few holiday translations to help you on your travels.

I shall be adding more holiday Thai language in the near future.

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