If you like to fish,then Thailand fishing is a must.
What To Do In Thailand.

If you like to fish,then Thailand fishing is a must.

Most people like to do a spot of fishing during their holiday, well Thailand fishing can be very relaxing and rewarding.

Now you may want to fish in the rivers , streams or ocean, on the beach or off the jetty.

Well I can tell you that the Hua Hin fishing lodge is an absolute must for all you keen fisherman.


The Hua Hin fishing lodge is only two and a half hours south of Bangkok and about fifteen minutes from the centre of Hua Hin.

Facilities at the lodge.

There are two well stocked ponds, a BBQ area, snack bar and restaurant, catering for families as well as keen fisherman.

Stay the night for serious fisherman.

There is an accommodation block suitable for fishing parties, very clean comfortable, and of course very cheap.

Here’s my tip guys.

Tell your partner you have a bad headache and want a quiet day in your room, give her or him, fifty dollars to go shopping for the day then creep off to the Hua Hin fishing lodge to do some very serious fishing….

I can tell you, hooking one of those fish like the one in the picture starts a great battle.

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