Looking for a bargain...then head for the Thailand markets.
What To Do In Thailand.

Looking for a bargain…then head for the Thailand markets.

The Thailand markets are ranked as some of the best in the world when it comes to holiday shopping.

I really enjoy the feel and atmosphere of markets, it always takes me back to my young boy days in the early sixties when I used to work at the market in the east end of London.I sold everything from buttons to xmas trees.

In Thailand most towns have a market, some are weekend markets, and quite often they are night markets.Makes sense, its a lot cooler in the evening.

One of the best Thailand markets would have to be the one in Bangkok.

Bangkok Chatuchat Market.

This market would have to be one of the biggest in the world.It has thousands of stalls selling everything from clothes pegs to a hand carved Buddha.Believe me, once inside you will not know which way to turn or where to start.

It does get very busy which creates a hot and humid feeling.There are plenty of food and drink stalls, so no need to take a packed lunch.

Thailand shopping in Chiang Mai.

This is a good area for handicraft and art effects, also there are a lot of stalls selling tribal goods.I find this very interesting, and it takes hours to get through the many hand made, ornamental items for sale.These pictures are some of the things I like, they may not be as old as the vendor advertises, but hey, im just your average ice cream licker, and they look great in my home.

I purchased two of these hands and they look great on top of a piece of our furniture.

This Buddha head looks fantastic on the wall.

Thats just two of my Thailand bargains.

Local night markets for Thailand shopping.

I normally leave most of my Thailand shopping till late in the holiday, I guess I am never sure how long I stay in one place and I dont like to carry too much luggage around with me.

Most markets sell the usual tourist type items like t shirts, belts, watches, so on and so on mostly copies, but pretty good quality for the price.

I normally top up on t shirts and jeans, which keep me going till my next trip.

You can always get a good feed at the night markets, with a wide variety of food on offer.

The best advice that I can give is have a good look around, have a lot of fun, HAGGLE HAGGLE HAGGLE, and enjoy the Thailand markets.

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