Make Your Bangkok visit Worthwhile.
Thailand Hot Spots.

Make Your Bangkok visit Worthwhile.

If your next Bangkok visit is a short stopover or a short holiday then this page will help you make it well worthwhile.

Bangkok is one of the top cities in the world to visit, with lots to see and do.

Many tourists love the shopping and many like to see the sites, then there is the nightlife. So much to do with often, so little time.

Most international flights arrive quite late at night.After a long stressful journey, the first thing you need is a good rest in preparation for the Bangkok madness.

A good idea is to stay the first night in comfort close to the airport.Only five minutes away is this very good, clean, friendly reasonably priced hotel you will wake up relaxed and well rested.

Bangkok shopping

After a good night’s rest your ready to hit the city.

There are thousand upon thousand of shopping outlets all around Bangkok.

Two very popular areas are Siam Square and Sukhumvit.

The MBK in the picture is a great place to shop with many floors selling just about everything.

Very easy to get to on the sky train, just get off at the National Stadium station and go through the covered walk ways.

Be careful if your a smoker, the walkways are non smoking and you may get fined $60 or so if caught.

I think the best Bangkok shopping experience would have to be the Chatuchak weekend market.

If you cannot find what you want here then you would not find it anywhere.

This market is one of the largest in the world selling just about everything.

There is even a pet section which is well worth a visit.

On my next Bangkok visit, I shall be spending a lot more time in this market, (and money).

The weekend market is easy to get to on the sky train, stop National Stadium or the MRT stop Chatuchak Park.

It’s only a short walk from these stations.

JUST BEWARE, this market is also well known for pick pockets and they can pick your pockets and bags very easily.

I personally have had no problem, however I do transfer my wallet from my back pocket to my front and keep all bags zipped up.

Bangkok attractions.

If your looking for places of interest on your Bangkok visit, I have found these to be the most popular.

Grand Palace.National Museum.Wat Pho.Floating Market.Snake Farm.Elephant Zoo.

A really good side trip from Bangkok is to go see the Bridge on the River Kwai.

If you need more details about these places of interest this may be of help to you.

Bangkok nightlife.

If your looking for bars, music, girls and fun, then your in the right place.

There are many areas in Bangkok like Sukhumvit and Nana Plaza that are filled with bars and entertainment.

Lots of fun in the open fronted bars with friendly girls and many tourists.

Bangkok transport.

One of the fun ways of getting around is in the Tuk Tuk.Quite cheap and there is always one to be found anywhere.

Other ways of getting around is the sky train or the MRT.There is also taxi’s, motorbike taxi’s, all sorts of public buses and of course ferry boats.

The streets in Bangkok are very busy with traffic, be warned, be careful and take your time before you cross any road.

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