One day Thailand cruise in the Gulf of Siam.
What To Do In Thailand.

One day Thailand cruise in the Gulf of Siam.

Have you ever taken a Thailand cruise on the fabulous Gulf of Siam.Well I have and had a very relaxing, entertaining experience.

For me it ranks higher than cruising the French Riviera, in a 30 million dollar luxury floating hotel… well maybe it depends on what brand of champagne they are serving, only joking.

Seriously a one day cruise is a great experience.

It was a beautiful day for a pleasure cruise.

I am always looking for new and exciting things to try or do, I woke up one morning and as I was having my serve of eggs bacon and mushrooms, I thought how nice it would be to take a cruise on the Gulf of Siam.

I found this magnificent old wooden Thai boat, called the “Mai Thai”, it was love at first sight.

It was advertising a Thailand cruise so I decided to book and go.


The booking office is in Hua Hin, on the sea front just down from the Hilton in a shop called Coconuts 2.

Or you can call the hot line on 08-10103738.

The Skipper.

The skipper of the Mai Thai is a real nice helpful person, he came to Thailand for a holiday eight years ago, loved it so much that he never went home.(lucky him).

He speaks English, Sweedish and Thai which caters well for his customers.

The Mai Thai.

The boat is an old (perfect condition) Thailand fishing boat with a top deck, and has plenty of room to move about or just sit and enjoy the sites.

It does have safety rails all around, however, I would not recommend this trip for very young children that need constant supervision.

The Thailand cruise sets sail.

The skipper drove around and picked everyone up, then we made our way to the boat which was moored just twenty minutes away.

Once on board we all found our “own” little spots where we could enjoy all the sights that were to come.I sat at the back on the comfortable cushions, and enjoyed ever moment.

First stop.

After cruising for about half an hour we came to a rocky headland, the boat slowed down, almost stopping.

To my amazement there was a pod of beautiful pink dolphins.These are magnificent creatures if you ever have the privilege of seeing them up close.

They were just playing gracefully right near the boat.

Moving on.

Next we came to an island,only small and uninhabited, apart from a colony of friendly, hungry monkeys.

We all transferred to a smaller boat that took us to the island beach.

The skipper had a huge bunch of bananas on his shoulder, well it was more like half the tree,that he shared out between us, I was thinking, oh it must be lunch…

Then one of the crew still on the Mai Thai, started to honk the horn, and all these monkeys came out from everywhere.

The monkeys got a great feed and we had a lot of fun.

I was really glad I took this Thailand cruise.

Back on board.

After about an hour we returned to the Mai Thai, and the skipper told us we could take a swim if we wanted to.

The sun was hot and we were sweaty and the water was crystal clear and smooth, so you can imagine the splash when twelve of us jumped and dived into the water.

It was so good just swimming around the boat in total isolation.

This Thailand cruise is heaven.

After the swim we got back on board, and I could not believe it…. the table in the middle of the boat was totally full of food, there were plates of prawns, crabs, fish, noodles, salad and fruit, and a few beers tossed in.

What a feast, it was sooooo good.

Off we go again.

After lunch or should I say banquet, we moved on for another half an hour, dropped anchor and out came the fishing rods.

Rods for everyone and plenty of room.Most of us caught fish and had a great time.

Time to go back…sigh…

Well our Thailand cruise on the Mai Thai was coming to an end, the sad faces all around expressed the enjoyment of the day.

The slow quiet journey back was strange, but at least we can do it again next time.

Cost of pleasure cruise on the Mai Thai

I paid 2500 Bahts, that was about eighty dollars Australian for my trip and I must say I enjoyed every minute.

The service was top class,full of fun with a very experienced captain and crew.

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