Plenty to see and do in Chiang Mai Northern Thailand.
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Plenty to see and do in Chiang Mai Northern Thailand.

Way up Northern Thailand,is the city of Chiang Mai.This place is a must on your to do list.

Lots of beautiful mountains and valleys surround this great city.The added bonus of slightly lower temperatures can be a welcome relief.

This is the starting point for lots of fun and thrills.

Getting there.

All the usual means of transport will get you to Northern Thailand, I preferred the train.

I took the 18:00 night sleeper from Bangkok which arrives at 07:15 next morning.

The last two hours of the journey is really beautiful, the train weaves its way through the mountains,as the sun is just coming up.

Cost of this trip is 880 Bahts.

Just remember to book the bottom bunk, a little dearer, but twice the room and you get the window.

The train has a dining car for food and drinks, and you can have waiter service to your seat if you prefer.

I like the dining car as they have all the windows lowered and its lovely to sit there looking out.

The train is air conditioned so no problem sleeping.

It’s a real clickety clackety journey but fun.

What you will find here.

The old city of Chiang Mai was surrounded by a moat, which is still there.

You can always see the local children swimming and cooling off.

There are still remains of ancient buildings and walls inside the moat area.

Plenty of accommodation and bars along the sides of the moat to suit all travelers.

There are many tours that go from here, with tour agents everywhere.

I chose to hire a taxi for the day to see what I wanted to see, in my own time, no pressure, cost 500 Baht, for 5 hours.

If you contact me on my comments page, I can email you a name and number of a good safe driver.


If you would like to read how others describe Chiang Mai, have a look at this great article. You may even find a tour to suit your travel plans.

This is the place for adventure for sure.

From here you can go trekking or take an elephant ride through the “jungle”, rafting on the river, quad biking, or a visit to the shooting range.

My best trip from here was a visit to the long neck girls of the Karen hill tribe.


I stayed in this lovely guest house called Lai-Thai.

It was a great place to stay and within reach of most attractions.

Swimming pool was great for the hot afternoons, and the food was reasonable and very tasty.

Rooms start from 650 Baht per night.

There is plenty of good cheap accommodation here, with prices getting a little higher around the river area.

I will be spending a lot more time here on my next trip that’s for sure.

I found it also to be a very friendly area, and the locals very helpful with the pleasure of having a comfortable place to stay at the Lai-Thai.

If your heading to Northern Thailand for your next trip, check below for some very useful information.

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