Relaxing Cha Am, Great Place To Recharge Your Body Battery.
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Relaxing Cha Am, Great Place To Recharge Your Body Battery.

Relaxing Cha Am, makes this little place sound quiet and slow. Well that is exactly what it is.

I sometimes stop here for a couple of days to recharge my body battery.

Here is a great article by Aaron James that describes relaxing Cha Am perfectly.

Thailand is an ideal travel destination for quite a lot of people for obvious reasons. It`s both a gorgeous and historically fascinating country. This place has both balmy weather and absolutely stunning beaches. A number of people who travel to Thailand will go to Hua Hin, but overlook neighboring Cha Am. It takes about two hours to get to Cha Am from Bangkok by car The 165 kilometer journey to Phetchaburi on the sunrise coast of the Gulf of Thailand can also be taken by cab for around 1500 Baht. If you don`t fancy driving, you can take the train from Bangkok to the Cha Am train station, which is about 2 km from the beach.

Someone who wishes to avoid the more touristy hangouts is well advised to consider a resort that is off the beaten track. If you are looking for a quiet beach, Cha Am is ideal during the week. There is no shortage of Cha Am hotels to fit your bill and suit your style. There are are no bars, as local regulations don`t permit them. The Cha Am beach is not a night-life type of spot, but is a lovely, quiet town for people who really do want to get away from it all. It`s very family-friendly and a welcoming place, so it`s a great spot to take the kids to wind down and relax. Being a small-town resort, it`s important to remember local customs. Although strappy tops and bathing suits are okay on the beach, you should bring a wrap or sarong to adhere to local dress customs while not on the beach.

The town of Cha Am stretches along the white sand beach. This is the longest beach in Thailand, with room for all. Even though it`s not packed with foreign tourists, you can find deck chairs and umbrellas for rent quite easily. They have jetskis and banana boats for rent for those who love skimming across the water, as well a motorcycles, scooter and bikes for rent for people who want to tour along the beachfront. There is no dearth for any type of beverages or the famous Thai seafood, as there are a lot of vendors who will supply them. In addition, there are affordable public bathhouses for washing off salt after swimming in the sea.

There are excellent seafood restaurants and hotels Cha Am – from vendors, great restaurants on the beach, you can find fresh and delicious treat from the sea. September heralds the start of “Feast-Fish-Flock”, the famous Cha Am beach shellfish festival, an opportunity for you to enjoy yourself and witness fishermen, chefs and others related to the sea show off their wares and fishing prowess. You can participate in the squid fishing and if are a keen bird-watcher, this is the perfect time for visiting Cha Am. The bird park is open and the festival definitely brings in the birds from surrounding areas!

If you`re looking for a quiet place to experience the “real” Thailand, Cha Am is a good place to consider. There are many Cha Am hotels at all different costs – from tiny budget locations to luxury resorts. This is the resort the locals are more likely to visit, so you`ll get a chance to hang out with locals in a very relaxed environment and unwind by the Gulf of Thailand.

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Now that is why I call it relaxing Cha Am.

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