Romantic Ao Nang, Where Love and Romance Begins.
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Romantic Ao Nang, Where Love and Romance Begins.

Romantic Ao Nang, why do I give it that name.

Well the whole area has a soft, gentle, loving feel to it, especially walking along the beach enjoying these romantic sunsets.

This is definitely a place to spend with a loved one, the memories would last forever.A perfect place to share a romantic trip.

Ao Nang is steadily becoming one of Thailand’s premier tourist attraction’s.

Getting there is quite easy, by bus, car, minivan, or plane, but sadly not by train.

The Thailand train from the Thai border with Malaysia stops at Hat Yai then goes East across country to Surit Thani thus missing Krabi altogether.

Krabi is the main town in this area, and from here the romantic Ao Nang is easily accessible.If your not keen on a flight to Krabi, which is in fact an internationalairport, my advice is to take a minivan from the van terminal in Hat Yai which will only cost about 200 baht and takes about three to four hours.

If your coming from Bangkok, then the train will get you to Surit Thani and from there again I advise a minivan.It’s also about 200 baht and takes about the same time.

Once in Krabi a local opened backed bus will take you to Ao Nang for about 60 baht and takes about 30 minutes.

The bus ride to Ao Nang takes you through some beautiful countryside and then just as the bus approaches the town you find yourself surrounded by towering limestone cliffs which are a feature of this area. It really is an amazing site. You can take so many fantastic pictures in this area.

Ao Nang is a small, quaint, seaside town loaded with things to see and do.There is just one main street that bananas from one side of town to the other.

One side of the road is filled with shops and restaurants and the other side of the road is pure beach.

The beach here is fabulous, great for swimming, lazing, walking, and enjoying romantic sunsets. This is one of the reasons I call it romantic Ao Nang.

All along this beach you will find the long tailed boats that are ready to take tourists to the many islands and beaches that are easily accessible from here, fares are quite reasonable too. The islands are just so perfect for chilling out. A great place for a honeymoon.

There is a colony of monkeys at one end that are always ready for a feed and a pose for some pictures. Just be a little careful as monkeys can bite.

There is plenty of accommodation here from 2 star upwards and a bargain can always be found.If your looking for something very clean and very cheap you could try popeye guesthouse .

There are plenty of good eating places ranging from the humble street kitchen to top grade restaurants. You will also find the usual fast food outlets, macca’s, subway, etc.

There are plenty of tour shops, chemists, 7/11’s, massage parlors, and bike hire outlets.

There are two good bar entertainment areas for those who want to stay up late.

This is an ideal spot to find love and happiness, that’s why I call it romantic Ao Nang.


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