Samila Beach Songkhla.
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Samila Beach Songkhla.

About twenty five km’s from Hat Yai you will find Songkhla. It has a beautiful beach that is well worth a visit.

It has a large grassed area, then a beautiful sandy beach, leading to the crystal clear ocean.

As you can see, it,s a great beach for children and swimming.

What to see and do.

Samila Beach Songkhla.

Just back from Samila beach you will find a lot of eating places.

Most specializing in delicious seafood, mmmmm I can still taste those beautiful prawns.

There is a couple of shops selling the usual tourist items.

A lot of trees help to shade the sun.

Although this area is not as popular as some other places in Thailand, it does boast, the longest concrete bridge, and the only natural freshwater lake.

At the end of the beach you will come to Ban Kao Seng, which is a Muslim fishing village.

Well worth a visit to see the colorful fishing boats up on the beach.

There a plenty of local vendors along the grassed area of the beach.

Within the town, there are many attractions, like museum’s and temple’s, the most popular being the Wat Pakho.

There are some good waterfalls in this area too.

There are plenty of good guesthouse’s and hotels from $10 a night.

Well worth a couple of nights, quiet and not crowded.


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