If you like to fish,then Thailand fishing is a must.
What To Do In Thailand.

Some general holiday facts about Thailand to help plan your trip.

Welcome to my about Thailand page.First I would like to say that I do not go too deeply into details like…longitude and latitude or give the country’s financial statistics or political preferences or religious belief’s.

I ask you a simple question, are you going for a wonderful holiday for a couple of weeks or do you want to sell up and go live there!!

I have moved countries three times and yes that’s when you need to do extensive research and find every detail possible.

I try to keep this site honest and real, then pass on real information and tips for you to read and enjoy.

I think that most people search through papers and brochures until they see something they like then say “oh look at that lets go there”.

Remember, its a piece of heaven that you adore for a couple of weeks, then its back to the real world… sigh.

So if your like me and my family and you really like Asia, then Thailand is the place for your next trip.

Facts About Thailand People.

I think the people of Thailand are a great race, they are friendly, beautiful, happy and always have a smile and say hello to you. They always go out of their way to help.I know they see tourists as a possible target for financial gain, but they cant be blamed for that with such a low economy.The way I always look at it is I would leave a five dollar tip for a great meal with great service in any country in the world, well in Thailand that’s almost a days pay for a waitress.

We was in a restaurant once and our 18 month old daughter was very restless, as kids are at that age, well the waitress came along and picked her up and entertained her throughout the whole meal.Now I don’t know about your country, but that would never happen here in Australia.

You can imagine her look when we gave her a 10 dollar tip!!.

A Few Facts About Thailand Food.

There is an abundance of great delicious food to try here.They do use a lot of aromatic spices in traditional meals.Rice is the main diet here which is offered with most meals.

The seafood is to die for, mmmm the prawns, the crabs, the lobsters so delicious, fresh and ridiculously cheap… oh dear my mouth is watering again!!.

When eating out in Thailand we normally choose two main courses each, then mix and match and that’s a lot of food, and fun.

My wife starts to panic thinking that two weeks is not long enough to try everything.

Facts about Thailand weather.

You will find it to be hot and humid in most areas, although a little cooler in the north.If you are like me (a sweater) then you will sweat I can assure you.I usually carry a small towel around to dry my face.But who’s complaining, we all want it nice and hot for our holiday.

There is a rainy season between May and September in the southwest and between November and February in the southern area, however it does not bring the holiday to a standstill, that’s for sure.

Actually, mid afternoon is a great time to do some air conditioned shopping or write postcards by the pool or on the beach.

Facts About Thailand Shopping.

Shopping is a lot of fun, from the fabulous night markets to the big shopping centers, and my biggest tip is HAGGLE, HAGGLE, HAGGLE.The vendors love it and so will you.Its all part and parcel of the shopping experience in Thailand.

We usually go with empty suitcases and come back just on the limit.I guess your partner is a shopaholic like mine!!. Shopping and things like transport,accommodation and dining can be made a lot easier with a little Thai language.

Holiday Facts About The Cost of Living

My saying is “in Thailand you can live like a king and not pay a kings ransom”.

People live on an extremely small amount of money, I do too when I tour around.

My budget believe it or not is for accommodation, breakfast, dinner, couple of beers and of course my motorbike, about 900 Baht, per day.Convert that to your own currency… Australian its around $30 a day and can often be less in some areas.All I have to do is find my airfare… there I go, getting excited again.

I know that’s me on my own, but even for a family it can be a very cheap holiday.

Holiday Facts About Thailand Countryside.

You will find mountains, rivers, lakes, streams and plateaus to suit any traveler.

Warm ocean and beautiful beaches are what most people are looking for and there are plenty of both here.

Lots of lush tropical islands to hop off and on and jungle areas for the more adventurous.

There is a lot of ancient religious history in Thailand with temples popping up everywhere.

Holiday Facts About Thailand Safety.

This is of course my personal view and I take no responsibility for any persons safety.

I have been to Thailand many times and have never felt threatened in any way.

Normal sensible precautions should always be taken while on holiday.

Common sense is valuable, I don’t even go down dark alleys in my own city at three o’clock in the morning, so why would I do it in a different country.

Look and see what others are doing, if the beach is full of people and there’s no-one in the water, there must be a reason for it.

As I said earlier, I find Thailand people to be friendly and easy going.

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