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Spend Some Time In Charming Hua Hin

I like to call this place charming Hua Hin. It has a lot of interesting things to see and do.

The small streets around the Hilton area remind me of the little villages in Cornwall UK.

It would of been fantastic to see this place many years ago when it was just a small fishing village.

Now it has become a very busy, popular tourist attraction.

It is a spot well liked by Thai people living around Bangkok, as it is now easy to get to, Thai’s spend many a weekend here.

The locals of this area are always helpful and very friendly, another reason to label this town charming Hua Hin.

There is no real need to have transport in this place as most things are within walking distance.

Buses, taxis, tuk tuks and mini vans are available if your looking to go further a field.

The beach just outside the Hilton is the perfect place to sit and nibble on a nice, fresh, sweet, juicy Thailand pineapple.

For me a hire motorbike is ideal which I use to go see the huge Buddha, or the , fishing lodge.

Even just cruising around town, at $6 a day, a bike is ideal.

There are 4 or 5 beach areas in Hua Hin, all offering something different.

Outside the hotels the beaches a littered with umbrellas and sun lounges, for those who just want to laze away their holiday.

There are rocks and rock pools where locals are always looking for the fresh seafood feed that can be found.

A walk along the jetty to watch the fishing boats coming in is fun.

As usual food in charming Hua Hin is of a very high standard. You can get a great, tasty, fresh, cheap meal anywhere from the humble street kitchen to the lavish restaurants.

Some of the jetties along the sea front have open air restaurants at the ends, these are great places for eating, in particular the last one on the northern end of the seafront.

Accommodation here is quite varied, there are many guesthouses and rooms for as little as 150 baht per night, then on up to resorts and top hotels.

Our Thailand snippets page has a few recommended places to stay and eat.

All personally tried and tested by myself.

If you enjoy a round of golf, then you will be well spoilt here as there are 5 world class courses to choose from.

Getting to charming Hua Hin.

Now if you are coming from Southern Thailand, or Malaysia or even Singapore, I find the train a great way to travel.

The train comes up from Hat Yai and Surit Thani and stops at Hua Hin station.

This is a beautiful station well worth a few pictures. You can also get a coach from most places to Hua Hin.

If you are coming from Bangkok you can still use the train but personally I get a mini van from Victory Monument, it only takes about three hours and sometimes less.

There is a very good night market here selling mostly holiday souvenirs, a great place to eat as well.

If your looking for night time entertainment, there is a small but good bar area around the Hilton.

Plenty of good bars with huge tv’s and pool tables, and of course plenty of bar girls.

Hua Hin is a favorite of mine and I always pay a visit every time I tour Thailand.

This is an updated page for Hua Hin and you can still find more Hua Hin information here.



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