Thailand beaches to tempt you.
Thailand Hot Spots.

Thailand beaches to tempt you.

Thailand beaches are some of the best in the world.There are some great beaches around the coastline of Hua Hin that stretch for about 5 to 6 miles.Some have rocks, some have restaurants on wooden stilts stretching out over the water, some have fishing boats, and all have lovely white sand and clear water.

This beach is in the center of Hua Hin just past the tourist police station.As you walk down the lane there are a lot of stalls selling all types of beach accessories, continue down and you will come to one of the best Thailand beaches.Well the King thinks so, that’s why he has a palace there.At least you don’t have to fight for a spot.

Just along the beach a little is this lovely cafe.It’s just by the beach steps to the Hilton.If your like me and get bored after a while you can sit here and have a nice fruit drink (or something stronger).

There is a really nice view from here stretching all around the coastline.From here you can see all the rock pools, beach umbrellas and horse riding.

This beach is just by the Hilton too, this is a good spot to sit under the beach umbrellas and enjoy some delicious seafood brought to your spot by the local vendors, washed down with a nice cold beer….. say no more.

I have spent many an hour sitting here with the waves lapping at my feet.

This endless Thailand beach is just a little south.A perfect spot for a relaxing massage.As you can see, most of these beaches are quite empty of tourists.They do get busy on the weekends as many Thai people living in Bangkok come down for the weekend to relax and get away from the hustle and bustle.
There is a train station that has a direct link to Bangkok making Hua Hin very easy to get to.

This area is still in Hua Hin a little south which is very picturesque.Plenty of rocks here with some great views.

Hua Hin does have a good variety of beautiful beaches.

The pleasant climate here makes it a great holiday spot.

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