Thailand is a great place for massage beauty fitness or total pampering.
What To Do In Thailand.

Thailand is a great place for massage beauty fitness or total pampering.

Thailand is well known for its massage beauty fitness and pampering.I was going to write a whole page on that subject when my sweet wife leaned over my shoulder and reminded me that I know nothing about that what so ever and that I am not qualified to give advice or details.

Now considering my wife is an international experienced certified pilates instructor with experience in yoga chi ball and massage I thought it best to take her advice!!!.

Sadly, the girl in the above picture is not my wife, she is however a good friend, and in my opinion the smiling face of Thailand.

Holiday pampering.

However, I do class myself as an expert in what I call holiday massage beauty fitness and of course pampering.

After all thats one area that improves your holiday.

I am not really a lover of the traditional Thai massage, it consists of a lot of yoga type body positioning, with a lot of arm and leg pulling and even being walked upon by a sometimes heavy girl, also a lot of body pressure point work.

But it is very good for your mind and body.

Massage in Thailand.

As for me, when on holiday I like to relax and have a stress free time and recharge my body battery.

The best way for me to get total relaxation is to have a holiday massage.

Where to go.

I really cannot recommend a particular place to go just yet as I am still trying out the thousands of parlours that offer massage beauty fitness and pampering, honest I mean it!!!.

What you will get.

Basically you can have what ever you ask for.

A lot of people assume that there will be some sort of sexual content.Well it does not start that way and it does not end that way unless you specifically request for extra treatment.

You can have a full hour body massage and feel great after.

Types of places.

There are of course many places all around Thailand where you can get these treatments.

There are many spa resorts too offering full service like scented spas, facials, all types of massage, body scrubs, body wraps and just about anything to revitalize your body.

Believe me, after just one visit you do feel great.

How much.

You can pay as little as 200 bahts for a one hour body massage.The full spa treatment averages 600 to 800 bahts per hour, and upwards for full day service.

My first Thailand massage.

My first holiday in Thailand consisted of a lot of walking, so I decided to go to a parlour to see if a massage would help relax my tired leg muscles.

Once inside the girl asked what I wanted, I replied I just want my legs massaged, the girls looked at each other and laughed, I am serious I replied and was taken to a room where a girl worked on my legs for one hour.

I tell you it was sooo good, and at only six Australian dollars I was tempted to ask for another hour.

The air conditioned rooms are a great place to relax and keep cool from the afternoon heat while you enjoy your holiday massage beauty fitness and pampering.

Learn more about massage

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