Thailand souvenirs and gifts.
Looking For Souvenirs

Thailand souvenirs and gifts.

Are your Thailand souvenirs genuine hand made works of art or just mass produced gifts.

Truth is, many of these so called antiques are mass produced.However, digging deep into the dusty stock of an old gift shop can unearth a real valuable antique.

This particular item was found tucked well away in an old antique shop in Hua Hin. It stands about 5 inches high and 12 inches long.A good item for interesting conversation.

Personally, I pick up a few unusual items on my travels to decorate my home.I found this piece in the chatuchak weekend market, looks great on a dresser or cabinet.

When my friends visit, they say “oh that’s beautiful, where did you get that from”.I tell them I dug it out of an old junk shop deep in the hills of Chiang Mai. They think it’s a genuine and worth a fortune.I just sit back and smile thinking that I purchased it from a shop in the MBK in Bangkok.

Apart from the jokes, these Thailand souvenirs do look great around the house.

All these gifts can be purchased everywhere in Thailand from super markets to street stalls and shops.Haggle hard.

Now if you could not find what you were looking for and you are interested in purchasing arts and crafts and jewelery,take a look at our online store.

welcome to our online store, Chiang Mai,Thailand is a handicraft shopping paradise for most travelers because of its unlimited choice of handicrafts and artisan crafted goods sold at very reasonable prices.

It is a great place to find unusual Thailand souvenirs and gifts.

Chiang Mai is recognized as one of the handicrafts centers of Asia because it has a very large system of street markets and local markets that are all very easily accessible.

The markets trace down many blocks along bustling streets that sometimes seem to have go on forever.

The only personal consideration in how much market you will be able to cover may often depend on how far you want to go before your feet tire out.

The products are available in a vast variety of materials including a wide range of wood work, silk products, silver art and jewelry, clothing, ceramics, interior decor, antiques, Buddhist art, lacquer work, and the list goes on

Chiang Mai Night Bazaar is the most well known night market in the whole of Thailand, taking up about 10 square blocks centered on Chang Klan road in central Chiang Mai.

It is easy to spend a whole night just strolling past hundreds of street-side stalls and indoor arcades.

The Night Bazaar is a great place to shop for exotic and beautiful handcrafted goods created by local artisans and skilled crafts-persons from the surrounding villages.

The quality is generally high and some very good values can by found, especially if you are skilled at negotiating a good deal.

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