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Thailand With Kids… Is It Safe.

Thailand with kids, no worries. I took my seven year old daughter on a backpacking adventure through Thailand and Cambodia and she had a fantastic, fun time.

I often get asked “is it safe to take kids on holiday to Thailand“. My answer is yes, in my opinion. We had a very safe holiday and was always the center of attraction where ever we went.

We rode out to a pineapple plantation just outside Hua Hin, and this family asked us to join them for lunch, we had a good couple of hours with them and the little boy just played with my daughter all the time.

There were Thai kids in just about every town we passed through, all wanting to make friends and play.

Even these Karen Hill tribe kids wanted to climb trees and play.

My daughter had a lot of fun in the village and gained many fantastic memories.We also collected many great pictures too.

It’s amazing, where ever we went within ten minutes there were other kids coming along to play.

My daughter cannot speak Thai and the Thai kids cannot speak English, but there is no need for language when they are playing happily together, they soon work things out.

Even the girls working in the bars would sit down and play a few games while I was having a cold beer during the hot afternoon sun.

I am not saying for one minute that you can just leave your kids playing. During my whole 4 week trip she was never out of my site.

It was great for me to travel with my daughter too, she was a fantastic companion, and it helped to open new doors and spark up new friendships.

You will find that the Thai people will always make a fuss of the kids, they were always wanting to do her hair or paint her nails.

The only times I had to be really careful was when we were in big busy markets like Chatuchak in Bangkok or when we were about to cross the Thai border to go into Cambodia.

She is over the wandering off stage so it wasn’t so bad.

Going into Cambodia was just the same, kids every where we went, always wanting to play.

My daughter gained so much knowledge especially life in a not so well off country.

So if you are thinking, is it safe to travel to Thailand with kids, my answer is, in my opinion, yes, my experience was fantastic and truly memorable.

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