The Famous Thailand bargirls.
What To Do In Thailand.

The Famous Thailand bargirls.

Be careful playing eight ball with these Thailand bargirls.

They are sure to beat you and you will loose your money.

They play all day and everyday and they are very good!

As my promise to you to keep this site honest, informative and real, I have included this page.

Thailand appears to have picked up the title of sex industry capital of the world, well at least since the Vietnam war that is.

I think that’s a little unfair, as there are red light districts in almost every capital city worldwide.

I guess that considering Thailand is a popular holiday destination and the Asian women are a beautiful race its easy to see why it has that reputation.

See the smiles…

They will lure you in, play you at eight ball…

And beat you every time.

They were too good for me that’s for sure.

What does Thailand bargirl mean.

Thailand is a country that has a very low standard of living, although to travel through some parts of Bangkok you would not think so.

It is a very different kettle of fish in the countryside.Families live on next to nothing with little or no schooling for children, especially girls.

Sadly these girls with no education would eventually leave the family and head for the big cities looking for the big income.

The problem is without proper education the only work they can get easily is bar work.

They end up working for a bar with little or no wages and have to make their money by pleasing customers.

Most bars are open fronted with a pool table and huge tv showing some sort of sport.

Obviously designed to attract the male population.

If you are looking for some great boutique accommodation in this area then this is the ideal package for you.

How it works for Thailand bargirls.

Throughout the bar there will be something like ten or more bargirls, depending on how many are attached to that bar.

Once inside you take a seat at the bar order a nice cold beer and within five minutes a bargirl will come and sit next to you.

She will try to hold a conversation with you but the girls have very limited English.

Now her job is to please you and keep you buying drinks and maybe order some food.This is to create revenue for the bar owner.

Then she will try to make some money for herself by offering to “look” after you.

Then its up to you, you either buy her a drink or politely decline her offer.


If you decide you would like to leave the bar with the girl you have to pay a “barfine”.

This is to compensate for the revenue lost while the girl is away.

Thailand bargirls are fun.

You are most welcome to enter any bar, girls or not, you certainly do not have to entertain the girls if you do not want to.

You just have to make it clear to them at the start that you are not interested in a polite manner of course.

I always frequent the bars and play some pool with the girls, then watch some sport and in general have a great time.

I do feel sorry for the girls as sometimes they have no choice in what they are doing and the alternative is homelessness and possible starvation.

Even though they are Thailand bargirls and not happy with the situation they still manage to have that wonderful smile on their faces.

A little tip.

I find the best way to tell the girls that your not interested is to say your meeting your wife or girlfriend later when she has finished shopping.

It works for me.

Thailand bargirls and bars are fun.

Most bars are great fun, with plenty of good sport on the giant tv’s.

They are a good place to have a cold beer with good company where you can relax, chat to friends or even do a little people watching.

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