The longneck girls of the Karen Hill Tribe.
What To Do In Thailand.

The longneck girls of the Karen Hill Tribe.

Going to Chiang Mai was a great idea, I finally got to see the longneck girls of the Karen Hill Tribe.

I have always wanted to see this village, which was a great experience.

The village is about an hour north of Chiang Mai by car.

Beautiful drive too!!!

The 500 Baht entrance fee goes towards the upkeep of the village.

The girls hand weave clothing and other items which can be purchased throughout the village.

You are also allowed to go in their huts and gardens and take pictures.
It was amazing to get up close to these girls, they are very friendly, and enjoy posing for your pictures.

I think I took about 200 photos during the couple of hours that I spent there.

Sadly I can only show a few here.

This Karen Hill Tribe girl was just sitting, tuning what looked like a hundred year old guitar.

I wonder how many travelers have taken a picture just like this one.

I asked her to play some Eric Clapton…

She just smiled.

The children where playing happily in the trees and garden.

They were obviously used to people clicking away with their cameras.

They continue this culture from an early age.

I love the colorful clothes they wear.

This young girl was using a really long bamboo pole to get the fruit from the top of the tree.

She gave the pole to me to try, sadly I failed to get the hang of it.

I still managed to get a lot of great pictures of her.

I’m not even sure what the fruit was!!

I was there in April, the hottest month in Thailand and the sweat was pouring out of my whole body.

It never spoiled how much I enjoyed my experience with the longneck girls of the Karen village.

This is the best way to spend the heat of the day.

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