This Is My Budget For Cheap Thailand Travel.
What To Do In Thailand.

This Is My Budget For Cheap Thailand Travel.

I often get asked how to budget for my Cheap Thailand Travel.

I read a lot of forums and people are asking all the time how to budget for their holiday.

I have put in this page as a guide for you, to at least give you some idea of cost.

I have just booked my next trip (yippee) leaving my home town on the 25th of March and will be touring for four weeks.

Here is my cheap Thailand travel holiday budget.

My Holiday Plan.

This holiday budget is based on a single traveler and I will be adding a page in the near future designed for families.

Any holiday, anywhere can cost thousands of dollars and no matter how nice that could be to live in luxury for your stay, it really does not appeal to me.

I have found that a lot of visitors touring Asia are young people on a very tight holiday budget.

They often run into problems or just run out of money and the main reason is that they do not budget properly.
This trip I will be visiting, Bangkok, River Kwai, Chiang Mai, Hua Hin, Chumphon, and Koh Tao.

There will also be some places that I will stop at in between.

My cheap Thailand travel budget.


This Is My Budget For Cheap Thailand Travel.

I have allowed a maximum of $15 Aud per night.

This will be a cheap guesthouse or a small Thai cabin.

It may be air conditioned, but often fan only.


I really like to start the day off in a healthy manner so for a decent breakfast, some fruit during the day, dinner at night and a couple of beers each day I am allowing $10 per day.

Getting around.

I always hire a small motorbike like a 125 Yamaha or something similar.

Lets say I would only need it for 15 days on and off, so I have allowed $100 total and that includes fuel.

Train fares.

I will be doing a lot of touring this trip and I prefer the train rather than fly or coach.One good reason is that I save a nights accommodation on the overnight trains.

I have allowed $200 for trains which should be ample.I will look at getting a rail pass which will save even more money.

Coach and bus fares.

Obviously the train will not take me everywhere I want to go so I have allowed for coaches and buses.

For these smaller journeys I have allowed $100.

Taxi’s and tuk tuks

I rarely use this form of transport, even though tuk tuks can be a lot of fun.

I will still budget $50 for this.

My cheap Thailand travel holiday budget total.

This is based on a 28 day trip with a lot of touring and covering a fair bit of the country.

Total…$1150 Australian.

That I think is a very cheap trip, however there could be some extras like,

*Boat fares.*Entrance fees.*Extra entertainment.

Therefore I will take an extra $500 to cover whatever may arise, but I can assure you I will have at least $300 left on my last day.

Thailand is a very cheap country to tour. Just remember to haggle everywhere.

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