We are here, so do we go for, train, taxi, bus, tuk tuk or go for Thailand holiday freedom
What To Do In Thailand.

We are here, so do we go for, train, taxi, bus, tuk tuk or go for Thailand holiday freedom

I would like to tell you about my trip where I discovered Thailand holiday freedom.

A lot of people never think about how to get around once they get to their destination.I am one of those people, I would walk everywhere, dont get me wrong I love walking but when its quite hot and humid and there are lot of places to visit it does get rather tiring.

Taxi travel.

Now you can hail one of the many taxis to get around but although this is quite easy to do, it can work out a little expensive based on the amount of trips you would do.

HERE IS A TIP, most taxis have a meter, however almost all taxi drivers would prefer to agree on a price without the meter, so if you think the asking price is a bit high just insist that they put the meter on, this will drop the price straight away.

HERE IS ANOTHER GOOD TIP.Nine times out of ten the first taxi driver you take will be very very helpful, most of them are, now when you feel “comfortable” with one and one that speaks good English talk to him about hiring his taxi service for the day to go sight seeing.

I can assure you that for a very reasonable set price this taxi driver will take you to all the best spots around, and even wait outside for you when your having lunch, its a great cheap way to see the popular sights.

This is still not my idea of Thailand holiday freedom.

Taxi scams:

Public transport.

A cheaper option would be to use the public transport bus service.This can be fun but I find them a little uncomfortable and rather full, and they dont wait for you when you have your lunch!!.For me this is still not Thailand holiday freedom.


As the saying goes “when in Rome”….. so when in Thailand you HAVE to take a Tuk Tuk, these little three wheeled vehicles have an engine that sounds like their name when they are going along, TukTukTukTukTukTukTuk, they are great for getting around busy places, very cheap too.They are a lot of fun, and they have me in fits of laughter throughout the whole journey.

A great way to get around

Finally I will tell you about a trip I did to Thailand,that solved all my transport problems and bills and gave me the Thailand holiday freedom I was looking for.

I was in Hua Hin, I know I mention Hua Hin a lot, and I am sure that when you eventually go there you will agree that it is a beautiful place.

As I said I was walking everywhere, so I decided to try a small motorbike, I went to the nearest hire outlet (there are plenty around)and showed my license and passport and that was it.

The bike was a 125cc Yamaha typically touristic, pink with a shopping basket on the front. They are very easy to ride and very cheap to run.

The cost was a ridiculous six dollars a day Australian.

HERES A TIP, book for longer and get the price down even lower.

I had soooo much fun on that bike, I would go everywhere on it….. down to the jetty to see the fishing, shopping centers, cafe for lunch, down to the beach, local tourist spots, just winding my way around the streets and alleys, looking for interesting things to see and do.

That without a doubt was the best way for me to create holiday-freedom.

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