You Need a Good Guide to see Angkor Wat.
What To Do In Thailand.

You Need a Good Guide to see Angkor Wat.

Siem Reap is the home of the famous temples including Angkor Wat.

It is out of this world to walk around these ruins.You can walk, feel, and touch and imagine that people where doing that over a thousand years ago.It’s an incredible feeling I can assure you.

So where do you start.

My advice is to get a very good guide.

It’s not cheap to visit these Wat’s, I paid $25 US for a one day pass and I think the three day pass is around $70 US.

I think it’s good value as they are incredible, and the more you can do in one day the better, but they seem to be never ending.

I have had a few different guides show me the area, this guide with his tuk tuk is excellent.

First he is a very careful driver, believe me that is important in Cambodia.His knowledge of Siem Reap,and various places of interest in the area is extremely detailed and correct.He also speaks very good English.

This guide will pick you up at your place of accommodation, take you all around as many Wat’s as you like, stopping at various places of interest, with a full description of that area.

He charges around $15 for the day.Toss in a $5 tip and that’s very good value.
This is truly an amazing place, with wonderful sunsets over the temple’s.

It is becoming a major tourist destination now as access is improving.

You can even be taken up in a hot air balloon to see the awesome views.

I will return soon.

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